Friendly Hopkins Bay village


BELIZE places no restriction on foreign ownership of land. It is a member of the British Commonwealth and its legal system is based upon British law; therefore, titled land may be owned directly by a Purchaser.

BELIZE is an English-speaking country, making it relatively easy for most foreigners to deal in Belize. It is desirable to obtain a lawyer who can guide you through the buying process in Belize.

It takes approximately one month to close a real estate deal in Belize, with closing costs of approximately 18%, which includes stamp duty (transfer tax), attorney charges and value- added tax.

Property taxes in Belize are quite low; however, you should check with your realtor or lawyer when purchasing. BELIZE has no estate or capital gains tax, making it an excellent investment destination.

We can assist you with your purchase by providing clients with both in house legal advice and an introduction to Jaseth M. Jackson Belizean based Attorney and Notary Public.

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