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About Belize

Belize is an idyllic Caribbean destination in the heart of Mayan country, located just below the Yucatan peninsula. Known as British Honduras until 1973, Belize lies on the east coast of Central America and is bordered by Mexico to the north and Guatemala to the west and south. At its broadest point, Belize is 68 miles wide and 175 miles long.
The world’s second longest barrier reef, the Belize Barrier Reef, stretches 190 miles just off the shore in the Caribbean Sea. Approximately 200 cayes dot the coastline, including Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker and the Turneffe Islands. Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker are popular tourist destinations with many Caribbean villas and resorts.

The climate of Belize is subtropical, with an annual temperature of 79°F (26°C). In northern Belize the landscape is mostly lowlands, close to the coast it is marshes and lagoons, and in the interior flat plains and savannah. The Belize rainforests are mainly made up of broadleaf deciduous trees. In the south, the Maya Mountains rise to 3000 feet with many rivers flowing into the sea forming a network of watersheds and tropical estuaries.

English is the official language of Belize, although Spanish, Creole, Garifuna and Mayan are widely spoken throughout the country. The population of approximately 250,000 people consists of a mixture of Creole, Garifuna, Mestizo, Spanish, Maya, English, Mennonite, Lebanese, Chinese, and Eastern Indian. All of these different cultures have blended successfully, and Belize has gained a widespread reputation for its friendly people.

Hopkins Bay Resort is located near the Garifuna Village of Hopkins in the Stann Creek District of Belize, and south of the city of Dandriga. Hopkins welcomes visitors with warm hospitality and a safe environment.
Hopkins Bay was recently voted "The Friendliest Village in Belize" by Belize First Magazine. The town has restaurants, small bars and gift shops. Over 1000 residents live in Hopkins and work in the hospitality, fishing and farming industries. Garifuna is a mixture of the cultures of Nigerians and Arawak Indian that formed due to hardships experienced in the 1600 and 1700's. The Garifuna language is a mixture of Arawak, African tongues, French, English and Spanish. Many of the residents of Hopkins Village are happy to share the history of the Garifuna and their local customs.

Hopkins Bay Resort is located one mile south of the Village of Hopkins, close to the Belize Barrier Reef, Mayan ruins, jungle, mountains and all of the many adventures that Belize has to offer. Our concierge can make arrangements for adventure and exploration of Belize's diverse eco-wonders. Why Hopkins Bay Resort? If you want your own private luxury Caribbean villa, then the tranquility of Hopkins Bay Resort is the right place. We are located in the midst of tropical Belize rainforest while providing a beach escape in a luxury resort.

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